AVNET SSD FREE Summit Displays SSD Products, Provides Webinars and Has Live Chat Events

Today is the first of two days for the Solid State Virtual Summit by AVNET Embedded and I thought I might throw this quick article as I believe this to be the most valuable resource (other than our Site of course) that I have seen in some time.

The Summit is totally FREE and registration is necessary to  join the program, thus enabling you to see tons of SSD products, watch many pertinent webinars and participate in live chat sessions.

I am sitting here with my work on one screen and the AVNET SSD Summit on the other.  What started out as a morning that I expected to be able to just sit back now sees me literally addicted to the SSD Summit.  Whether you are a consumer or enterprise and considering the SSD jump in the future, this is a must attend!  Lets jump in by taking a quick look at the Product Gallery…

Whether you are a consumer or enterprise member, the Gallery has tons ot SSD product information for all.  From Product Briefs to Product Datasheets and even SSD Resource Papers, each manufacturer has made a visit to the Product Gallery a definte must see.  These are only a few:

blankFrom there, the choice of ‘On Demand’ webinars is too good to overlook with topics that include Client and Enterprise SSD Overviews, Solid State Disks: Strengths, Weaknesses and Issues, PCI Express Implementation, How to Pick The Right SSD For The Job as well as lectures that discuss SSD performance and endurance testing. Clicking on the picture will give a high resolution picture of just a few of the webinars.

blankLast but not least, we have the LIVE chat sessions with some of the industries best taking place both today and tomorrow.

blankI am just finishing my third webinar as I write this quick post and must say this is a win-win for anyone considering solid state drives and wanting to know a bit more about them.  Registration is quick and it’s free.  Simply click on the advert to the right of this article.

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