Avnet Embedded Assembles The Best In The SSD Industry For FREE SSD Virtual Summit on April 3/4

Whether it be consumer or industry, anybody seriously looking at solid state drives today has become familiar with such names as Crucial/Micron, Intel, Kingston and OCZ in the client world along with Adaptec, Dell, Hitachi, LSI, Rorke Data, Seagate, Smart Storage Systems, STEC and Toshiba in the business and enterprise world.

So what would you think if Avnet brought the best in each companies SSD realm together for two days of totally free online and on-demand webinars?

It seems they have done just that and these webinars will also offer exclusive product line-ups as well as live discussion opportunities.  The event will take place on 3-4 April, 2012 and you can register here.

Over thirty topics will be discussed which cross into all avenues of the SSD arena and include Client and Enterprise SSD Overviews, Solid State Disks: Strengths, Weaknesses and Issues, PCI Express Implementation, How to Pick The Right SSD For The Job as well as lectures that discuss SSD performance and endurance testing.

Having had a close look at the agenda, I can say those presenting the webinars have played key roles in advancing solid state drives to where they are today; David Blunden of Intel, Scott Cleland of LSI, Scott Shadley of Micron, Kevin Wagner of OCZ, Scott Stetzer of STEC and Joel Hagberg Vice president Product Marketing at Toshiba just being a few.  Click on the video below for more info!



At the end of the day, many might suggest that this is a paid advertisement and the would be incorrect.  Our website took on the advertisements, however, I took it upon myself to put this post together because our readers have the opportunity to get for free what we would normally pay thousands of dollars for. I would have published this story regardless of the source as it is valuable SSD learning opportunity for our readers and costs nothing.

Registering makes this an on-demand opportunity so that you can take your time and go through the webinars that you want when you want.  As a consumer, if you simply listened to ‘Client SSD Overview’ or ‘How to Pick The Right SSD for The Job’, do you think that this might be worth the few seconds it takes to register?


Les Tokar | Founder and Managing Editor | The SSD Review | Essentially Tech Media


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