Avago Announces Syncro 9380-8e and Syncro 9361-8i High-Availability Shared Storage Solutions

Avago Technologies is announcing two new additions to their Syncro family of high-availability shared storage solutions. Featuring a 12Gb/s SAS interface, these newest Syncro offerings deliver twice the performance of previous generation versions with a 6Gb/s SAS interface. Avago’s Syncro solutions give small and medium businesses (SMBs), data centers and remote offices many of the advanced high-availability features of a Storage Area Network (SAN), yet with the lower cost and management simplicity of Direct Attached Storage (DAS).

Avago Syncro 9380-83 kitUtilizing Avago MegaRAID technology, the Syncro solutions feature two controller cards, allowing IT pros and system administrators to create high-availability, shared storage architectures.

Avago Syncro 9380-8e bannerThe Syncro 9380-8e is a kit that contains two Syncro controllers used to create shared storage clustering with two volume server nodes and a JBOD. Such an enterprise-level storage system allows each Syncro controller to measure and monitor each other’s performance, and maintain data uptime in the event of a server system failure.

Avago Syncro 9361-8i bannerThe Syncro 9361-8i is a self-contained Cluster-in-a-Box that reduces data center cost requirements by offering multiple server nodes in a single, reduced form factor chassis. This enables system builders and OEMs to offer full-featured Syncro solutions and their corresponding high availability in a simple to deploy single unit.

Avago Syncro 9380-8e usage layout 2According to Jas Tremblay, vice president of marketing for Avago’s Data Center Solutions Group, “In today’s business-critical environments, having uninterrupted access to information is key for businesses and their customers. With enterprise features that include data sharing and high availability of storage, the new 12Gb Synchro solutions ensure that SMBs can maintain system uptime in a cost-effective manner.”

Avago Syncro 9361-8i configurationThe front-end software and toolset for failover clustering and storage management capabilities is provided by Windows Server 2012 R2. Storage OEMs, including Seagate, will be providing their customers with high-availability storage options that include Windows Server 2012 R2 and the Avago Syncro solutions.

Avago Syncro 9380-8e installationAlex Worrall, senior engineering director of System Architecture and Technology Strategy at Seagate, states that “Seagate’s scale-out storage solutions are expanding and growing, both from customer demand as well as the overall storage capacity offered in our high-density enclosures. We are excited and congratulate Avago on the expansion of the Syncro family into 12Gbs solutions which will enable the business continuity and efficiency needed by enterprise organizations as well as the continued enhancement to the Avago and Segate business.”

Avago brochure imageAvago’s Syncro solutions are available now through their worldwide distribution network. You can view the Syncro 9380-8e product brief at Avago’s website here; and the Syncro 9361-8i product brief can be viewed here.  You can view the press Avago press release in its entirety here.

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