Aqua Computer Announces kryoM.2 PCIe Adapter For PC Motherboards Lacking an M.2 Slot

German liquid cooling specialists Aqua Computer are announcing their latest product – the kryoM.2 PCIe adapter for PC motherboards that lack an M.2 slot.  There are two potential issues with use of an M.2 SSD in your system – lack of an on-board M.2 slot, and potential throttling of your M.2 SSD due to excessive heat.  The kryoM.2 PCIe adapter can solve both of these potential problems at once.  With three variations, users can choose a basic M.2-to-PCIe adapter, one with an additional passive cooling heatsink, and one incorporating actual liquid cooling.

kryomdot2 basic versionOn a number of occasions, we have had forum members and/or guests asking for information on just such an adapter in order to be able to incorporate a new M.2 SSD into their system that lacks a dedicated M.2 slot.  Some M.2 SSDs also can have their performance throttled under more extreme usage scenarios due to overheating.  Aqua Computer’s kryoM.2 PCIe adapter covers all the bases for utilizing an M.2 SSD in these instances.  The choice of two augmented cooling options, as well as a basic adapter makes the kryoM.2 PCIe adapter useful in a variety of usage scenarios.

kryomdot2 air cooledAqua Computer paid a great deal of attention to quality in producing this new product.  With the main focus being on thermal management, Aqua Computer developed a multilayer board with a gold surface, and the individual layers thermally connected in an optimal manner.  Use of a thermal pad (supplied) between the M.2 SSD and the basic adapter provides superior cooling to other such adapter offerings.  The PCIe contacts are plated with hard gold, and the connector comes from Amphenol with impedance-controlled conductor tracks.

kryomdot2 liquid cooledWhen we move to the enhanced-cooling versions, first up is an air-cooled model featuring an anodized black aluminum-finned heat sink.  A second thermal pad is used between the heatsink and the M.2 SSD to facilitate enhanced heat dissipation.  Also available is the liquid-cooled version that features Aqua Computer’s kryoconnect fittings, making it simple to add it into an existing kryo-series liquid-cooled system.

kryomdot2 liquid cooled versionAqua Computer anticipates availability for later this month.  You can view the kryoM.2 product page here.

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