Apple Acquires Anobit For Half A Billion Dollars – Well Done Apple!

Reports surfaced yesterday of Apple’s acquisition of Anobit, an Israeli start-up. According to the Israeli news site and reported by Computerworld, Apple paid about $500 million to purchase the private company.

The SSD market has seen consolidation and should see more. LSI’s most recent acquisition of SandForce reinforces the clamor for the ultimate edge, the holy grail of SSD, the controller and firmware. Many industry pundits would claim that SSD companies must own the silicon and/or the controller to have long term success, yet this acquisition is not by an SSD company.

Apple products rely on flash, and flash relies on a controller to make it work. Assuming this acquisition is executed, Apple will have gained considerable IP in a core technology, not to mention an expensive portion of its build of materials.

Well done Apple!

And just in case you happen to wonder what the Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thinks of the deal, check out his Twitter Post shortly after the acquisition!



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