ADATA Shows Off SandForce SF3700 SSD and New TLC SSD – CES Update 2015

Last week we were eager to meet with ADATA’s team at CES 2015. In their suite they had not only some new lighting and hard drive products, but some very interesting SSDs on display. One of these is an enterprise M.2 drive featuring a SandForce SF3700 controller.

The SR1020 M.2 2280 SSD is rated for speeds of up to 1800MB/s read and 1800MB/s write over a PCIe 2.0 x4 interface. The controller on this model is more specifically the SF3739 and it is paired with MLC NAND. As a SandForce drive, it supports both DuraWrite and RAISE. On display was a 512GB capacity model, no other specs were listed.

ADATA CES 2015-1

Furthermore, on live demo was their SR1010SS SSD where they were showing off its power loss protection. The SR1010SS is driven by a SF2581 controller and MLC NAND. Capacities are available in 100GB to 480GB and speeds are rated for up to 550/520MB/s read/write. On top of power loss protection it also features AES 256-bit encryption, DuraWrite, and RAISE technologies.

ADATA CES 2015-3 ADATA CES 2015-2

Another new sight to see is their SP320. It is a 6Gb/s 2.5″ form factor drive that comes in capacities ranging from 120GB to 960GB. Inside, the SP320 contains the new SMI SM2256 SATA controller and TLC NAND flash. With this combination the drive is able to achieve speeds of up to 560MB/s read and 510MB/s write.

ADATA CES 2015-4

Next up, we took a look at some of their new USBs and a UHS-II SD card. The ADATA UE720 and UCS520 are both secure USB 3.0 drives with capacities ranging from 16GB to 64GB. The UE720 utilizes a fingerprint scanner while the UC520 relies on BLE 4.0 security technology.

ADATA CES 2015-8ADATA CES 2015-1-2

They also have a new UC340 series USB 3.0 drive that features a push and lock design with an integrated strap hole. Speeds are rated up to 200MB/s for read and 120MB/s for write. Capacities range from 16GB to 256GB.

Finally, the XPG SDXC UHS-II was the last thing to catch our eye in their suite.

ADATA CES 2015-6

The XPG SDXC UHS-II is a high speed card that supports 4K and 2K Ultra HD cameras. Speeds for read are up to 150MB/s, write is not listed. Capacity is up to 256GB, such high capacity is definitely needed when dealing with such high bit rate video!


  1. blank

    Hmm, looks like sandforce still hasn’t completly fixed the thermal issues of their new controller :/

    But SP320 looks nice. I wonder who’s flash this is using and what kind of tricks SM is using for that kind of write 🙂

    • blank

      Where have you heard Sandforce is having thermal issues with their new controller?

      • blank

        Every example that has been shown with this controller in operation is with a heatsink attached.

      • blank

        oh I see

      • blank

        Many people wouldn’t mind more (active) power consumption in a performance SSD, even in a laptop but in the end they probably won’t release the chip until it’s polished. Wonder when it will come out, really!

      • blank

        Given the poor reliability of their previous controllers, they better make this one atleast semi decent.

        But frankly, i’m not touching them at all. Too many headaches with their sf1200 and 2000. Those were just poorly designed and validated controllers.

  2. blank
    Dean Dayton Rogers

    Thats a very good point about the capacity of the XPG SDXC UHS-II card, I am surprised the other SD card makers with UHS-II cards so far haven`t offered 256GB

  3. blank

    So any news regarding the market avaliability of 3700? I see that Kingston went with SP and Marvel for their new Savage SATA and Predator M2 drives, even tho I remember they had the Predator on sf3700 back in June. I guess that means we’re looking at another 3-4 months wait by which time nobody really needs it anymore. Poor seagate, what a waste.

  4. blank

    It’s practically April 2015 and still no Sandforce 3xxx controller powered SSDs are out..
    Curious what it can bring for SATA 2 and 3, probably not much. Mostly for PCI express NVME.

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