AccelStor Announces NeoSapphire H710 All-Flash Array — Scale-up and High Availability With Barrier-Smashing Performance

AccelStor, a leading provider of software-defined all-flash storage arrays, will be demonstrating their newest all-flash storage array at SC17 (SuperComputing 2017) for high performance computing.  Their new NeoSapphire H710 all-flash array, along with their advanced AccelStor FlexiRemap® technology improves the simplicity and efficiency of high performance computing (HPC) applications via its impressive scalability and impressive performance.

Accelstor NeoSapphire banner 1Flash appliances typically provide high-speed, shared storage services to multiple compute nodes, which requires more than just high “peak” performance.  High sustained IOPS is the real performance driver for I/O-intensive HPC applications, and AccelStor’s FlexiRemap technology, with its patented data handling algorithm, is uniquely designed just for flash memory, and outperforms competing solutions when handling the most complicated 4K random data access, even under significantly heavy workloads.  The NeoSapphire H710 provides over 600,000 sustained IOPs with random 4K writes, in a single 4U rack over standard 10GbE or 16G Fibre Channel LC SFP+ network interfaces.

Accelstor mainAccording to AccelStor Vice President David Kao, “We are thrilled about our latest NeoSapphire H710.  It’s designed to unleash the true performance of flash technology, and remove bottlenecks, enabling a seamless system experience, easy installation, computing efficiency, scalability and faster time to results.  The most common demand and need for HPC comes from scientific researchers, engineers and academic institutions.  For our customers who desire extreme-scale computing, reliability and high availability, they will definitely benefit from the NeoSapphire H710.”

Accelstor NeoSapphire angled mainThe NeoSapphire High Availability All-Flash Array addresses the challenges that operators face by allowing them to attain world-class reliability and reduce high operating expenses (OPEX).  Starting with a shared-nothing architecture and redundant hardware design, the H710 utilizes enterprise SSDs with long lifespans that are suitable for write-intensive workloads.  The H710, as well as other NeoSapphire products, features a comprehensive suite of software features and performance-boosting technologies.  These include Free Clone, thin provisioning, thick provisioning and FlexiDedupe™ pre-bundled with each system.  To provide superior data protection and redundancy, the H710 also comes with Remote Replication, Redirect-on-Write Snapshot, Snapshot Backup/Recovery and Group Snapshot for database usage as standard “equipment.”

Accelstor NeoSapphire x 2Customers often experience an imbalance of capacity and performance as their business needs grow, and will feel the pain of the compromises created by the unpredictable costs of adding capacity and the resultant reduction in performance.  NeoSapphire H710 supports on-demand scale-up from a basic 4U rack with 27TB all the way up to 221TB in a 12U rack.  The shared-nothing architecture with FlexiRemap technology also ensures that there is no data loss, no single point of failure, and essentially no downtime.

SC17 logoAccelStor will be demonstrating the NeoSapphire H710 at SC17, the premier international conference on the many aspects of high performance computing, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO (USA) from November 13-17, 2017.  You can visit them at booth #1972.  You can view the AccelStor NeoSapphire H710 product page here.

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