Tegile’s Second-Generation Zebi OS Software Offers Better VM-Aware Reporting & Management Features In Latest Release

Tegile Systems has announced the second-generation of its Zebi OS that provides better and deeper integration with VMware and Microsoft and even greater usability through an improved user interface.

Tegile’s software simplifies administration and optimizes storage for various applications including virtualization, file services and databases. This latest software release offers powerful management tools and features that deliver improved visibility into the capacity savings that Zebi arrays provide through data reduction so that administrators can see the details of CPU activity, memory utilization, space usage, network activity, disk activity and the status of other key system services at deeper granularity levels.

Figure – ZebiOS Analytics Visually Reports Savings from Compression and Deduplication:


“Tegile’s VM-aware storage systems are designed for the virtualized data center and are demonstrably simpler to deploy and manage compared to legacy storage,” said Ken Clipperton, senior analyst of analyst firm DCIG. “By providing customers with the ability to view the health and overall status of the storage system, vendors like Tegile are empowering their users with an important tool that allows them to tune and optimize their virtualized environments.”
In addition to the new user interface, the new Zebi OS features:

• vCenter plug-in that shows Zebi hybrid arrays within their own storage view tab inside the VMware management console
• NFS for VAAI that expands upon Tegile’s unified storage capabilities to support file protocols within VMware environments
• Thin Provisioning Stun VAAI feature to allow for better overall utilization of storage and a reduction of storage costs
• Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Server (VSS) agent for improved data protection
• Ability to collect analytics from server data in the cloud

“When we were evaluating storage solutions for our organization, we weren’t necessarily interested in everything that was under the hood but whether it could provide us with the performance and capacity we needed at a price we could afford,” said Jeremy DeHart, IT Manager of law firm Hedrick Gardner Kincheloe & Garofalo. “Though we didn’t fully understand Tegile’s ‘secret sauce,’ we’ve come to understand that it is the company’s approach to software that makes the difference. Tegile has made an already-impressive storage and management system even better with the improvements they’ve included in this latest software update.”

“The multiple additions we have made in this latest Zebi OS release truly satisfies our desire to provide deeper, more powerful reporting and management to our customers,” said Rob Commins, vice president of marketing, Tegile Systems. “Tegile has always been saving customers space through data reduction but with the latest release of the Zebi OS we are making those savings even more visible to users by allowing them to see what they are saving, where they are saving and how they are saving.”

The latest Zebi OS will be included with every model of Tegile Zebi arrays beginning this month.

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