SanDisk Announces iNAND 7232 Embedded Flash Storage For Enhanced Smartphone Photography and Digital Storage

SanDisk Corporation, a world-leading producer of flash storage devices, is announcing the iNAND 7232 storage solution. This advanced embedded flash drive (EFD) is optimized to provide best-in-class performance for imaging, and superior storage capacity for use in today’s flagship mobile devices. Offered in capacities of up to 128GB, the iNAND 7232 allows OEMs to create smartphones, tablets and other connected devices that feature significant storage capacity to meet the ever-growing needs of consumer content storage. The iNAND 7232 also provides data-rich application user experiences, and next-generation digital photography potential.

SanDisk iNAND 7232 ImageAccording to Christopher Bergey, vice president and general manager of Mobile and Tablet Solutions at SanDisk, “From North America to China, consumers are demanding higher and higher capacity storage. Our iNAND 7232 storage solution not only enables mobile OEMs to cost-effectively deliver the robust storage mobile users want, it is also our most advanced embedded storage solution to date. It leverages new, innovative application-level storage architecture and SanDisk’s latest 15 nanometer flash storage technology to enable outstanding application experiences, terrific 4K Ultra HD video capture and digital photography experiences never before possible in flagship smartphones.”

sandisk_inand red bannerSandDisk’s iNAND 7232 utilizes SanDisk’s second generation SmartSLC technology, an innovative storage architecture that responds quickly and intelligently to mobile users’ changing demands. The iNAND 7232 is also SanDisk’s fastest embedded flash storage device to date, offering sequential read speeds of (up to) 280MB/s, and sequential write speeds of (up to) 150MB/s. The sequential write speeds represent a 25% increase from the previous generation of iNAND products. The SmartSLC technology enables the sequential write speeds to attain an amazing 1.2Gb/s (and more) when application performance requires it, helping provide responsive and fast mobile device experiences for usages such as 4K Ultra HD video capture and quick downloading via 802.11ac/802.11ad wireless.

SanDisk iNAND 7232 bannerThe iNAND 7232 is built on the eMMC 5.1+ HS400 specification, including Command Queue functionality for I/O prioritization, further enhancing random read speeds. The iNAND 7232’s 15nm 3-bit-per-cell (X3) NAND represents the most advanced NAND flash process node in the world. Its thin form factor is available in packages measuring a mere 11.5mm X 13mm, and as thin as 0.9mm. The iNAND 7232 storage solution is supported by advanced simulation, engineering and troubleshooting tools that allow mobile OEMs to quickly and easily integrate it into their mobile device designs. This creates the ability to greatly reduce the time from development of a product to its ultimate availability.

Sandisk-LogoSanDisk currently has samples available to OEM customers in capacities ranging from 32GB to 128GB. You can view the SanDisk press release announcing the iNAND 7232 in its entirety here; and you can view the iNAND 7232 product page here.

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    These chips have already been found to be in use within some cell phones. I know at our lab we’ve pulled out at least one that was soldered inside of a low end Huawei smartphone to recover data from it. So apparently these aren’t so new.

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