Everspin Announces 256Mb ST-MRAM – Highest Density MRAM Currently Available With 1Gb To Follow

Everspin Technologies is announcing that they have begun shipping 256Mb ST-MRAM samples to select global customers, enabling new storage solutions that use true MRAM-based Storage Class Memory (SCM).  Their new 256Mb ST-MRAM represents a new record for the highest density commercial MRAM currently available in today’s market.  Everspin, who is breaking their own previous record, is a consistent industry leader in providing the highest density MRAM devices.  Everspin’s MRAM has demonstrated interface speeds that are comparable to DRAM, and their new ST-MRAM 256Gb solution continues this level of performance with the DDR3 interface.

Everspin MRAM banner 1Everspin is also announcing plans to produce a 1Gb version of their ST-MRAM that will be based on their proprietary perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction (pMTj) spin torque technology, due to begin sampling later this year.  The 1Gb version will provide transfer speeds comparable to DRAM via the DDR4 interface.  The need for persistent memory has quickly become a multi-billion dollar market, and Everspin’s pMTj-based ST-MRAM solutions will take advantage of this burgeoning market.  With storage and server OEMs already evaluating Everspin ST-MRAM products, they are immediately planning to utilize these latest higher-density solutions.  As Everspin continues to scale to lower process geometries, densities above 1Gb will be a reality in coming years.

Everspin MRAM benefitsST-MRAM represents the next generation of non-volatile memory, and Everspin continues to be the leader in development and production, changing the landscape of storage and server architectures.  These devices are now able to protect “hot data” in MRAM as the first tier of storage.  MRAM is able to immediately secure data in movement without the concern of data corruption due to power source fluctuations or interruptions, as well as providing a significant improvement in write performance as compared to NAND or other persistent memory solutions.  Everspin continues to bring the most disruptive non-volatile memory devices to market, which in turn enables the highest performing SCM.  To date, Everspin has shipped over 60 million MRAM discrete and embedded devices for data centers, cloud storage, automotive, transportation, industrial, energy and consumer markets.

Everspin MRAM block diagramAccording to Everspin CEO Phill LoPresti, “We continue to bring the fastest non-volatile products to our customers, expanding our offering with a high density 1Gb DDR4 pMTj ST-MRAM.  This will provide new and innovative approaches to the way non-volatile memory solutions can be architectured.”

Everspin MRAM enterprise usaage bannerKey advantages of Everspin’s ST-MRAM:

  • Supports 100,000 X faster write speeds than NAND flash
  • Operates on the DDR3/DDR4 DRAM memory interface
  • Requires no wear leveling
  • Provides the highest endurance of currently available non-volatile memory
  • Delivers low power operation
  • Enables instant on/off functionality
Everspin MRAM 300mm processEverspin’s 256Mb ST-MRAM (with DDR3 interface) is the first ST-MRAM produced utilizing the 300mm manufacturing MRAM line from partner GLOBALFOUNDRIES.  Initial samples will be based on in-plane MTJ technology, but will soon transition to pMTj ST-MRAM technology for volume production.  Everspin is the only company that offers a migration path to a high-density ST-MRAM that meets the specifications needed by enterprise users.  Everspin will offer both ST-MRAM and NVDIMM products to ease adoption, and for system compatibility.  ST-MRAM-based NVDIMMs increase reliability by eliminating the data transfer between DRAM and NAND flash that is required during a power down cycle.  This allows for elimination of an external power pack or additional capacitors, and allows that space to be made available for increasing storage capacity.
Everspin logoYou can view the Everspin press release announcing their new higher-density ST-MRAM in its entirety here.  Click on “read the entire press release” for the top item in the center column under “News and Announcements”.

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