Crucial/Micron Drop Plans For Ballistix TX3 NVMe SSD

Back in late May at Computex 2016, TSSDR got a sneak peek at several future-planned products from Micron (our coverage can be viewed here).  One of these was the Ballistix TX3 NVMe SSD.  Crucial’s Ballistix memory is well-renowned for quality, performance and value, and Micron felt that the Ballistix name should stand on its own.  It was even given its own website at

Ballistix-TX3-NVMe-SSD-in-MotherboardWe began hearing rumors that plans for the TX3 NVMe SSD had been dropped, so we contacted Micron directly for clarification. The reply that we received stated that “Based on prioritization of company resources and investment, the Ballistix TX3 PCIe NVMe SSD program has been cancelled.  We are, however, continuing to explore potential opportunities for future gaming products and we will provide an update as new plans are formalized”.  Micron promised to keep in touch with any new information to share.

Crucial-Ballistix-NVMe-SSD-Initial-CDM-SpeedsAs with many companies, not all products make the final cut.  Until we are in a position to know all of the details that went into the decision to drop the Ballistix TX3 NVMe SSD, we do not care to speculate further on this decision, and respect Micron’s position.  Although with solid specs such as sequential read speeds of 2400MB/s, and just under 1000MB/s for sequential writes, as well as 140,000 IOPS, we certainly would have looked forward to reviewing the Ballistix TX3.  Stay tuned, as another iteration of it may reappear in the future.

Ballistix banner

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  1. blank

    Yup, the same thing happened with a Mushkin M.2 NVMe drive, the Hyperion. They did have it half right. It was all Hype !!!

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