Thermaltake Dr.Power II Universal Digital PSU Tester Review @ Tweak Town

When I first saw the press release for the Dr.Power II, I thought that it gave the ability to get the power draw off certain lines. Well, let’s just say it doesn’t do that. Instead, the Dr.Power II is a power supply ‘tester’. Of course, the sample came and as always, it’s my job to cover it.

So let’s find out just how the Dr.Power II is when it comes to doing the task it has indeed been designed for. Looking at the Dr.Power II, it’s a pretty simple looking device. The front has a screen that gives us the important information in regards to your power supply.

Those numbers include 5v, 3,3v, +12v, -12v and +5vsb and you can see below the information and the numbers you’re looking for. For example, you can see that the Dr.Power II is capable of measuring the +12v between 11v and 13v. You can see the Intel Standard is between 11.4v and 12.6v. Before we get around to looking all over the Dr.Power II, I thought we’d plug in our Corsair AX1200 to see just what kind of numbers showed up. To be honest, I’m the biggest fanboy when it comes to the Corsair line of power supplies; I only use AX1200s and consider them to be one of the best PSUs on the market.

Full story at Tweak Town.

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