The SSD Review Affiliate Posts for February 8, 2014

Olympics are underway and Canada is off to a pretty good start, currently tied in second with the Netherlands. Showcasing the best athletes in the world, the Olympics is the ultimate platform.  It reminds me of what we try to accomplish here in our Affiliate Posts.  We pull together reviews and allow you to judge which ones are best for you. If you have any suggestions don’t forget to join our forums, we would love to hear from you.


Samsung DA-F60 Wireless Speaker Review @ Technology X

samsungIt is that time of year again! Where the thought of Jingle Bells or snow becomes sickening and the summer daydreams begin. Picture yourself sitting poolside, relaxing; meanwhile a speaker from the background is playing your favorite playlist. Sounds pretty good does it not? Well Samsung has produced that speaker you want to join you poolside, or anywhere else for that matter.






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