SilverStone Temjin SST-TJ08-Evolution M-ATX Tower Chassis Review @ Tweak Town

I actually had to go back to SilverStone’s own pages to find the history of the original design concept of this case. I knew it existed as I had seen it many times looking around at their site over the past three years, but I never really took a deep look at the chassis.

That is until now!

No offense intended to SilverStone with this, but even with the chassis being originally released in 2006, the case is quite boring and standard by today’s “must have’s” in cases.

The basic effort then was to deliver a Micro-ATX chassis that offered four expansion slots, a removable motherboard tray, a couple of fans; but aside from that, you only got a face covering of aluminum on the bezel and an unfinished steel interior.

Aesthetically the chassis hasn’t changed that much on the outside; by this I mean that even the new version is made of steel with an aluminum facing that has a large mesh panel to allow the chassis to breathe. A similar configuration is found in the latest sample, but even here, things have been arranged with more attention paid to what is almost in an order of importance for use. Inside is where things really get rearranged! SilverStone packs quite a few tricks of the trade into this small chassis and offers something very innovative, and is something I have seen nowhere else on the market, yet. I’m sure this idea will be the “inspiration” for others to follow suit with this really ingenious solution.

Full story at Tweak Town.

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