Sapphire Radeon HD 6770 fleX 1GB Graphics Card Review @

Video Cards are an expensive part of the system building process and/or can be a large expense in the upgrade budget.

With E3 2011 going on this weekend a lot of earth shattering titles are being shown and most computer enthusiasts want to be able to play the games in their full technological glory, including AMDs immersive Eyefinity technology, however the largest part of the video card consumers will simply be ecstatic if they can even get the game to run on their machine.

This is where Sapphire comes in, they have done a wonderful job in catering to all different types of consumers in the graphic market segments, be it productivity, low to high range gaming enthusiasts or home user who would like to be able to dabble in both. There is no wonder with this type of commitment to all levels of consumers that they are indeed the worlds #1 manufacturer of ATI Radeon Graphics, theyve proven time and time again they are willing not only to release standard editions of their cards like other ATI Radeon Manufacturers, but go above and beyond adding value and features like fleX technology that are unique to their brand.

Sapphire has done it again with its newest release to the Sapphire fleX family, making Eyefinity an easily affordable and hassle free solution with the Sapphire HD6770 fleX edition. Sapphires HD6770 fleX is based on the Juniper XT chipset and has been released at a price point that will make most consumers eyes nearly pop out of their sockets when they realize what performance they can achieve for such a low investment.

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