NZXT Source 210 Elite Computer Case Review @ APH Networks

The NZXT Source 210 Elite reminds me of November 15, 2001.  Why? Well, that was the day that the word “elite” would have more than one meaning.

The fact Halo was released almost ten years ago is starting to make me feel old, and I’m not even that old yet. With the anniversary version of the game coming out on November 15 this year, I have a feeling Microsoft just  wants to rub it in I’m not a kid anymore. Halo was a video game I have poured endless hours into with my friends.

Halo was the first game I have played in LAN parties with that has meaningful experiences.Halo means more than just shooting aliens and battling up against friends — oh good old nostalgia.Halo was a social activity for me during my youth, and has been a huge inspiration for my adulthood.

For those who don’t know what a Covenant Elite is, allow me to explain. Elites are the high ranking military officers in a collective alien armada known as the Covenant. They stand at over eight feet tall, have mandibles instead of lower jaws, and look reptilian. Essentially, they were the common, yet challenging, enemy that you would fight during the campaign. The NZXT Source 210 Elite just happens to feature the same color scheme as the white elites in the game. For those that don’t know, white elites were one kind of elite you feared the most, because when you came across one, it meant serious business. The real question here is, does the Source 210 Elite mean serious business, or is it just another face-roller?

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