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The Noctua NH-U12P SE2 still represents the premium model of the Noctua CPU cooler line-up. The Noctua NH-U12P SE2 CPU was considered a high-end CPU cooler when it was first released almost 3 years ago.

It has since been overtaken by the Noctua NH-D14, however Noctua invested a good amount of R&D into the design of the thermal characteristics and cooling technologies used in the Noctua NH-U12P SE2 CPU cooler.


The Noctua NH-U12P was initially released with only a single fan, along with Intels 775 socket configuration, aside from the AMD offerings. When Intel released the 1366 and 1156 sockets, Noctua reacted and released the SE version. The higher TDPs of the new Intel sockets introduced more heat and again, Noctua reacted and added a second NF-P12 fan and introduced a push/pull fan configuration. Hence, we have the SE2.

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  1. I love this CPU cooler. It’s not huge, but it keeps the temps low. Not only that but even under full load the fans that come with the heatsink (NF-P12) are quiet. In fact, they can’t be heard over my GPU fans.

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