Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard Review @ eTeknix.com

Logitech are a brand that don’t really require an introduction, as they are very much like a household brand now, with more products on the market than every before, in many different areas of the peripheral market.

One of the main accomplishments for them is in the keyboard market, offering very unique products for all types of users.

Now before we delve straight in, a bit of background on this product and its range is needed. The G series from Logitech is designed with gamers in mind with unique features, macro keys, a GamePanel LCD and backlighting for your keys, there was always a market for something like this and with the G510 based off the original G15 keyboard which as we know was a massive success, it can only lead to greatness in our eyes.

Very rarely will you see me taking a look at a peripheral, as they are normally left up to our peripheral editor; Simon. However there are times when a product interests me so much that I have to have it all for myself. This is generally the case with Logitech, and as you may be aware we had to create a whole new award for their G930 headset simply down to how amazing it was. So as you can see I have high hopes for any product from the leading manufacturer, the G510 included.

Full story at eTeknix.

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