Enermax Hoplite Mid-Tower Chassis Review @ eTeknix.com

Even though the days of the beige box are over, there still arent a huge number of cases on the market that have a visual wow-factor. A number manufacturers like Lian Li and Fractal Design produce very elegant looking cases which are easy on the eye but arent exactly exciting.

Other manufacturers like Cooler Master and Antec take a different approach, trying to differentiate their cases by making them look like something space age.

Then there are manufacturers like NZXT who do manage to pull one out the bag and create something truly beautiful like the Phantom.

Enermax choose to do things in a different way, though, by making an average looking case and then kitting it out with their very snazzy Apollish Vegas fans. This makes for a great looking case without adding massively to the cost.

Today we are going to look at the Enermax Hoplite which appears to be reasonably priced and interesting to look at.  We shall see if this is the case when we look at it in more detail, though.

Full story at eTeknix.


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