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There are hundreds of consumers the world over who have computer systems in pieces; graphics cards laying on their carpets, motherboards on their beds and hard drives in cupboards. You can guarantee that in almost every street in you will find this type of user. In my street, that’s me in a nutshell.


I’m the chap who is forever changing his system for the latest memory, graphics card or solid state drive and it can get quite tedious after a while and more importantly can look down right messy.

The simple solution to our problem is to put the parts into a chassis of some kind, but surely that solution is too obvious as it’s staring us right in the eye. You see the problem arises when you need to change the motherboard or even the CPU retention bracket underneath as this involves the removal of the whole system.

This left manufacturers with a problem that needed solving, and whilst some have tried and failed, others have succeeded in creating a test bench that makes removal of key components a simple, painless task. CoolerMaster are one manufacturer that believe they have accomplished that task with their Test Bench V1.0. This is a unique product when compared to the rest of the product lineup from other top-selling brand and due to that we will be looking at the product with a fresh perspective, from an enthusiasts point of view.

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