Cooler Master NotePal Infinite EVO Laptop Cooler Review @ APH Networks

Looking back when I was a stubborn and arrogant little child (Some 3-4 years ago), it was almost crystal clear to me that laptop cooling pads were a waste of money.

A Reason? Well, at the time, it seemed ludicrous as to why and how adding additional cooling to the underside of a notebook could improve performance when;

(A) Even though most notebooks can get pretty hot under load, their underside still usually remains fairly cool;

(B) The fans from the cooling pad are obviously not blowing directly at the components making it quite inefficient; and

(C) Cooling pads are generally bulky, loud, and very unappealing.

Also, I cannot forget to mention that my brother’s laptop still managed to catch on fire at the time, although there are probably more problems to that than just overheating, haha. Certainly, many of you readers are questioning the capabilities of notebook cooling pads like I did. You are unsure of whether investing in one will actually lower the temperatures of your laptop. And even if the temperatures go down by a small fraction, is it really worth your hard earned moolah? Since these fundamental questions are frequently asked, let me provide you with some insight. Simply read this review and all your questions will be answered. Hey, what did you expect? I cannot provide all the answers without you making it half way. But I can introduce you to today’s review on Cooler Master’s NotePal Infinite EVO. Simply put, this tame cooling solution is quite the buy (Since as the name suggests, the unit went through infinite evolutions), so let’s jump right in!

Full story at APH Networks.

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