Computing on Demand: C.O.D. NAS Benchmarking Utility – Free!

We, at, had been looking for a way to benchmark a NAS in a repeatable form without the need to buy additional software. For us, we had been performing a test in our NAS reviews that benchmarks the speed at which you can transfer the Avatar ISO to and from a NAS.

This was a drag and drop process that  proved to be a hassle to run more than one time. It was even more of a hassle waiting for the test to near completion to document the transfer speed at that time, and then average the results. Because of this, I created a simple batch file that can perform the test repeatedly and calculate the results, allowing me to walk away while the test was running and perform other duties. Now, I am releasing this repeatable test to our readers so they can directly  compare the results they get with ours.

Full story at Computing on Demand

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