Catherine PlayStation 3 Review @ Tweak Town

Gamers know as a culture that Japan can produce some quite interesting and weird games, many of which do not leave the oriental shores of the land of the rising sun due to lack of demand, or just no interest from publishers.

It seemed earlier in 2011 that this was the fate that Catherine was going to be consigned to.

Upon many requests from the media, Atlus always said Catherine was a Japanese only release, but they were either holding off an announcement or surprised by the want for the game and have now brought the game to the west.

We played the Japanese version upon its release and were intrigued by gameplay and story (or what we could tell of it anyway) and it has translated to the western world quite well.

Catherine tells the story of Vincent, a young man who is in a steady relationship with Katherine who thinks it’s time they get married. Vincent is not so sure and avoids the topic over and over again until one day Vincent runs into Catherine (that’s right, the same name almost) at a bar who seems like a breath of fresh air and is significantly younger than him. Vincent lusts for Catherine straight away and after a few too many drinks, ends up sleeping with her, cheating on Katherine. From there it’s a story of which girl does Vincent choose to end up with and what that means for his life. Catherine is basically a social commentary on relationships in the modern age, and that makes it a very interesting game to play.

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