ASUS F1A75-V Pro (AMD A75) Motherboard Review @ Tweak Town

Today we’re going to be looking at our first A75 chipset motherboard in the form of the ASUS F1A75-V Pro. Of course, we’ve already done a big preview on this board that covered everything on the board and the BIOS; because of that we’ll be getting straight into the test system, talk about overclocking and get into the performance side of things.

If you want to see more of the board, though, I’d recommend you check out our original preview piece, ASUS F1A75-V Pro (AMD A75) Llano Motherboard Preview.

If you’ve already checked out our original preview, then you will no doubt want to just get stuck into the performance of the board. On the next page you’ll find the test bed we’re working with today and you’ll also see the overclock we managed to achieve with the board. With that done we’ll get stuck straight into the performance of the board before wrapping everything up.

Full story at Tweak Town.

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