AMD Catalyst Software Update Preview @

No matter what operating system you use these days you will find that you need drivers, and with more complex hardware you will find that the more complex driver you need to run it. Taking a simple device like a webcam for instance that requires drivers; but most of the settings are down to the application itself.

Graphics cards however, rely a little bit more on the drivers themselves to function, and with technology moving at such a fast pace constant driver updates are needed to get the best possible results from the chosen hardware.

Generally when we think drivers we purely think of something to enable a component to work, couple that with an application which is where we generally see settings and can make any alterations that we need to. With graphics card drivers it’s normally an all in one package and drivers for AMD Radeon graphics products are no different, with an all in one software suite that gives us the functionality of the drivers with the flexibility to alter them dependent on our system and the user needs.

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