ADATA Announces XPG STORM Cooling Solution For M.2 2280 SSDs

ADATA is announcing the launch of the XPG STORM add-on heatsink with fan for M.2 2280 SSDs.  The STORM features an aluminum heatsink with a fan that is readily attached to any compatible M.2 SSD to provide much-improved cooling.  One of the first knocks on M.2 SSDs when they were first released was that a number of versions tended to run hot under a load, which would cause their performance to throttle back due to excessive heat.  Preventing such overheating improves your storage system’s performance, as well as system stability.

ADATA XPG STORM banner 1In addition to the performance hit caused by M.2 SSD overheating, aging of the SSD is accelerated, effectively reducing its lifespan.  Adding the XPG STORM to an M.2 2280 SSD does not add any overhead, and the combination of the heatsink and fan reduces temperatures by a minimum of 25% when compared to the bare drive.

ADATA XPG STORM 25percent coolerXPG STORM also features colorful RGB lighting to visually enhance gaming-themed rigs.   While many M.2 slots are rather obscured by larger components on a motherboard, the STORM’s RGB heatsink makes it stand out.  Included are default RGB lighting modes, as well as support for RGB lighting apps such as ASUS AURA Sync, Gigabyte RBG Fusion Ready, and MSI Mystic Light Sync to provide additional customizability.

ADATA XPG STORM RGB supportADATA’s XPG STORM includes pre-applied thermal compound, making installation quick and easy.  No mounting screws, no complicated procedures, and no BIOS adjustments are required.  Once installed, STORM immediately begins to do its thing by lowering temperatures and improving system operation and stability.  Pricing has not yet been announced.  You can view the XPG STORM product page here.


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