ADATA Announces Updated SC660H and SV620H External SSDs – Now Featuring 3D NAND

ADATA is announcing that they have updated their latest external SSDs to include 3D NAND instead of legacy planar NAND.  The SC660H and SV620H are based on previous designs, but now include the added capacity and reliability of 3D NAND.  ADATA has been steadily migrating their SSDs over to 3D NAND, and these two drives are the latest to be updated.  The original SC660 and SV620 were offered in capacities of 240GB and 480GB, and the 3D NAND increases the new versions to be 256GB and 512GB, as well as the added durability and reliability of the 3D TLC NAND.

adata-sc660h-bannerADATA’s SC660H’s electroplated and textured titanium enclosure measures a mere 9.6mm thick.  Weighing in at only 73g, the SC660H is also resists shocks, paint chipping, fingerprints and scratches.

adata-sc660h-mainThe SV620H is housed in a sandblasted titanium enclosure that is also shock and scratch resistant.  Its flat surfaces have a raised 0.75mm rim, so it can be moved around on a desk or counter with greatly minimized risk of scratches.  The SV620H weighs in at 76g, and both models feature a cool blue drive activity LED.  Both models are rated for sequential read speeds of up to 440MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 430MB/s.

adata-sv620h-bannerWith more storage built into an identical product housing, the SC660H and SV620H represent a better value for consumers than similar models  with 2D NAND. The additional benefit of lowered power consumption makes them to use with notebook PCs.  The drives connect to a host PC or notebook via a USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface.

adata-sv620h-mainFor more information, you can view the product page for the SC660H here, and for the SV620H here.


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