KIOXIA Showcases CM6 PCIe 4.0 SSD and Automotive Solutions | CES 2020 Update

The name KIOXIO is very new to some.  Mark my words; this will change.  The name is a combination of  the Japanese word… Kioku (Memory) and the Greek word ‘Axia’ which means ‘value’.  As unfamiliar as you may be with the name, I would bet that you own something with KIOXIA memory in it.  Maybe its a cell phone, automobile electronics, PC memory or SSD.  Who knows.  Many know KIOXIA by its former name of Toshiba Memory but trust me when I say that they are one of the largest NAND manufacturers worldwide.  Their effect of what how we do business on a daily basis is massive.

This week at CES 2020, KIOXIA invited a number of clients, customers and media to see exactly what they were up to.  This picture above demonstrates their present and very successful BG4, while right beside it is their brand new CM6 Data Center SSDs with the newest PCIe 4 NVMe specifications which ensures thee transfer data just about as fast as it gets.

While the BG4 provides NVMe speeds as fast as 2.2GB/s (Reviewed here) in an ultra small format the size of an SD card, the CM6 will reach speeds up to 7GB/s using KIOXIA’s 96-layer BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory and fully supports U3 operation.  Imagine this in a 30TB capacity!

Something most don’t realize when they think of memory or storage, is its importance to the automobile industry.  I could probably be pulled way off topic here but, just as we rely on memory for such things as instant Google, FB, or internet access to include airline bookings or vacation hotel confirmations, Memory… Kioxia Memory also plays a major part in automotive applications and has been planted in the automotive industry for several years.  

We can easily identify on board electronics such as stereos and anything memory related, but consider more recent vehicle innovations such as pedestrian alert braking, lane recognition, adaptive cruise and so on.  KIOXIA is also tightly wound into client level PCs as well as playing a major part in the the enterprise industry.  

We won’t be seeing consumer sales with KIOXIA products just yet in North America, but don’t be surprised if they spread their wings in the Asia’s anytime soon for retail sales.  

Last but not least, I wanted to thank KIOXIA’s Vice President of Corporate Marketing Alex Mei and Mia Cool, Senior Specialist PR Corporate Marketing for the invite.  Always a learning experience and glad we could pass a bit on!  A few more piks of our visit!

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