Scot Strong

Scot Strong is an automotive parts professional with 30 years experience in proprietary dealership computer systems, He is also a technology freak the rest of the time. He has been repairing, upgrading, and building personal and business computers for over ten years. He has also written articles for automotive parts management publications, and is a regular contributor at our sister site,

Kingston Set to Cut SSD prices — Could Force Competitors to Follow Suit!

Kingston Technology, a strong NAND-flash memory maker, is reportedly planning to cut prices for all of its NAND-flash products; possibly by as much as 15%.  This would include USB drives, memory modules, and its SSD products according to a Digitimes story. Kingston indicates that the anticipated price adjustments are coordinated with chips suppliers’ moving to more advanced process technologies that …

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LSI Contributes as Everspin Realizes In Excess of 300% Growth in 2011 MRAM Shipments

Everspin Technolgies is reporting record growth for 2011, with MRAM product shipments increasing over 300% from the prior year. The MRAM pioneer continues to shape the market for magnetic memories; gaining further momentum with over 250 design wins in the past year. Everspins patented MRAM technology is based on a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) storage element that is deposited on …

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OWC Announces Mercury Aura Pro Express 6G 480GB – Smallest & Most Powerful SSD Available

Only 13 days remain until the anticipated shipment date 0f 1/21/2012 for OWC’s new 480GB Mercury Aura Pro Express 6G for MacBook Air 2011 editions. This portable form factor SSD that is capable of up to 511 MB/s sustained reads, and up to 448 MB/s sustained writes leaps to the top of the current marketplace as the smallest and most powerful SSD available! …

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OCZ and Marvell to Debut Next GenPCI Express Z-Drive R5 PCIe SSD at CES & Storage Visions 2012

OCZ Technology Group and Marvell have teamed up to unveil the industry’s fastest and most versatile PCI-express (PCIe) storage system — the Z-Drive R5.  With increased performance, reliability, and endurance the Z-Drive R5 is designed to take PCIe-based solid state storage to the next level for server and enterprise environments. The Z-Drive R5 series will debut at CES 2012 at the …

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SSD Sales At $1.3 Billion – Revenue Up 91% For Q3 ’11 Alone

According to the technology market research firm IDC, SSD shipments saw a huge jump of nearly 67% in the 3rd quarter of 2011 as compared to the same period in 2010. Revenue on those sales was up 91.6% to nearly $1.29 billion over that same period. This is coming on top of an already record year for the worldwide SSD market, when …

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Hard Drive Shortage More Serious Than Expected – SSD Sales Expected To Skyrocket

The hard drive shortage created by the historic flooding in Thailand is proving to be more serious than expected. Western Digital and Seagate, two of the industry’s major suppliers of HDD’s, had their production facilities  shut down completely for several weeks. Western Digital this week announced resumption of limited operations at their HDD assembly facility in Bang Pa-in. Also affected …

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