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SanDisk X110 M.2 2260 SSD Enables High Performance SSD RAID in ASUS’ UX301LA Zenbook – Storage Visions 2014 Update

SanDisk Corporation, a world-leading flash storage producer, is announcing that ASUS is featuring the SanDisk X110 solid-state drive (SSD) ZENBOOK UX301LA Ultrabook.  The SanDisk M.2 2260 form-factor X110 SSD is a very thin and light-weight storage solution that is ideal for notebook / Ultrabook applications. The ASUS UX301LA also features quite the thin design, along with the high performance achieved …

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SanDisk Optimus Eco SAS Enterprise SSD Review (400GB) – Great 2TB Capacity With Up To 90K Steady State IOPS

A lot has changed since the announcement of the Optimus Eco earlier this year.  The most notable change is the company supplying it.  When we last looked into SMART Storage Systems, they had just finished being acquired by SanDisk.  At that point, though, nothing had really changed except for ‘a SanDisk Company’ being added to their name.  Many were unsure exactly …

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SanDisk Completes Its Acquisition Of SMART Storage Systems

SanDisk Corporation, a world leader in Flash memory storage technologies, has announced the completion of its acquisition of SMART Storage Systems, a developer and producer of leading enterprise solid-state drives (SSDs) based on SATA and SAS connection interfaces.  We had originally reported the news of the acquisition back on July 2nd. Completion of the acquisition results in SMART Storage Systems …

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SanDisk Adds Powerful X210 To Their Business SATA SSD Lineup – Flash Memory Summit 2013 Update

SanDisk Corporation, a world leading provider of flash memory storage, is announcing the addition of the SanDisk X210 SSD to its lineup of SATA business SSD offerings.  the X210 is an exceptionally fast and power-efficient SSD that is a great solution for maximizing data center performance, or to enhance the responsiveness of business PCs and notebooks.  The new X210 will …

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SanDisk Extreme II SSD Review (480GB)

A few weeks ago we posted a review on the SanDisk Extreme II 240GB capacity SSD and it turned out to be one of the stronger contenders we have seen to date, and most definitely the strongest using a Marvell controller. We wanted to today follow that up with an analysis of that same drive, this time in the 480GB …

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SanDisk Announces Second Generation of 19nm Flash Products

SanDisk Corporation, world-leading flash memory storage solutions provider, is announcing that it has begun customer sampling of their industry-leading 1Ynm process technology for flash memory products.  This represents SanDisk’s second generation of 19nm (or smaller) manufacturing technology. SanDisk’s latest breakthrough achievement reduces the memory cell size from 19nm X 26nm to 19nm X 19.5nm, resulting in a 25% reduction of …

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