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Mach Xtreme DIY Series SATA-DOM 32GB SSD Review – Small O/S Storage In Postage Stamp-Sized Form Factor

The continuing evolution of flash storage is producing a variety of new form factors, often trending towards ever-smaller devices.  One of the smallest we have encountered yet is the DOM (disk-on-module) form factor.  A SATA-DOM is a DOM with a standard SATA data connection incorporated, such as the DIY series of SATA-DOM SSDs from Mach Xtreme Technology, with a footprint …

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Memoright FTM-25 Series 240GB SSD Review


This review is going to examine the Memoright FTM-25 Series 240GB SSD and I have to say right off that this one just a bit special to me. My first review was in August of 2007 where I was fortunate to publish one of the earliest opinions of consumer SSD technology. A short time after that hit the web a young …

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