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QLogic Releases FabricCache — Shared Resource SAN Caching

QLogic is announcing release of their QLogic FabricCache QLE10000 adapter, the first product released based on QLogic’s innovative Mt.Ranier technology.  FabricCache is a combination of QLogic’s market-leading FibreChannel adapter, intelligent caching and I/O management in a server-based PCIe flash card form factor.  FabricCache transforms single-server, captive cache into a shared resource for a wide variety of enterprise applications that utilize …

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QLogic Releases Mt. Rainier Server Side SSD Caching Achieving A New Summit For SAN Storage


QLogic, known for their enterprise storage infrastructure solutions, has announced the release of their Mt. Rainier SSD caching technology. Mt. Rainier is a targeted solution meant to accelerate SAN performance while at the same time simplifying deployment of SSD caching in servers. Interestingly, the caching solution will not only be transparent to server side applications, but to the OS as …

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