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OCZ Announces New Deneva 2 Enterprise SSD Featuring 19nm NAND Flash And Lower Power Consumption

OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a leading producer and innovator of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs), is announcing a new version of their popular Deneva 2 series of enterprise SSDs.  The new Deneva 2 model will be produced utilizing 19nm process architecture NAND flash Multi-Level Cell (MLC) memory.  Not only will the new Deneva 2 SSD feature the smaller NAND process geometry, …

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OCZ Everest Finds Its Way Into Ultrabooks – CES 2012 Update

OCZ has announced that Everest based SSDs will find their way into LG’s new Z330 Ultrabook. To refesh your memory, OCZ’s Everest controller, which is utilized in their Octane SSD, has read/write speeds of 535/270MB/s respectively for the 256GB variant, which is the same capacity being used in LG’s products. The Everest controller has been shown to hold it’s own …

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OCZ Announces Deneva 2 and Intrepid mSATA SSDs

OCZ has announced the upcoming release of the Deneva 2 and Intrepid lines of mSATA SSDs designed for slim servers, netbooks, dual drive notebooks and network security devices. The Deneva 2 will be available in both SATA 2 (SF-2141) and SATA 3 configurations (SF-2181) and the SATA 3 version will reach typical SandForce numbers of parallel 500MB/s read and write …

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