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TSSDR Affiliate Tech Reviews for May 30, 2013

HIGHLIGHT REVIEW Solidata K8 1920E SSD @ TechnologyX SSD technology has seen some massive leaps since it was introduced in the mass consumer market a few years back. Throughout that time we have seen faster speeds, newer interfaces, and smaller designs. One drawback that has remained constant throughout is size, and it still is the major issue today for those …

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TSSDR Affiliate Tech Reviews for May 6, 2013


Simplicity, is said to be the state of being simple or uncomplicated. For most individuals technology is anything but.  By pulling together our affiliate reviews, in one location, we hope to help simplify where and how you locate as much newly published information as we can. HIGHLIGHT REVIEW ADATA SX300 mSATA 256GB SSD Review @ HardwareHeaven Over the past few weeks …

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