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MyDigitalSSD 32GB Super Cache mSATA SSD Review

In taking a close look at the need for mSATA SSDs in today’s SSD arena, it just doesn’t really seem clear as to why manufacturers are jumping into the mSATA fold so quickly. We might be able to say that the push to market of mSATA SSDs has become a trend, in fact. Our analysis today will be the MyDigitalSSD …

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UPDATED! Patriot Adds Torqx TRB Value SSD to Lineup


Patriot took aim at value conscious SSD buyers today by releasing the Torqx TRB SSD in 32Gb and 64Gb capacities which should strike hard with prices to lure those over the edge into the SSD universe. Our thoughts are that the movement of SSD enthusiasts that consider a SSD for boot and applications along with their hard drive for data, music, …

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