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EDGE Boost Pro Micro SSD Review (1TB)

Typically, we see a lot of 2.5″ 7mm, M.2, and mSATA SSDs for review on our site, but rarely do we see 1.8″ SATA SSDs. As a matter of fact, our first and only 1.8″ SSD review was the Mushkin Chronos GO Deluxe, that we reviewed back in May 2013. Now, nearly two years later we finally have another with …

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OCZ Upgrades the Vertex 3 To 20nm MLC Synchronous NAND

OCZ Technology Group, Inc. is announcing a new 20nm NAND flash version of its award-winning Vertex 3 series of SSDs.  This new Vertex “3.20” is a SATA III (6 GB/s) multi-level cell (MLC) drive in the now standard 2.5″ form factor.  The Vertex 3 series will now be built around smaller, state-of-the-art NAND flash process geometry at 20nm. Utilizing the …

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Intel and Micron (IMFT) Debut 20nm MLC NAND

Intel and Micron today announced their mass production of a new size of NAND, the worlds first 20 nanometer 128 gigabit MLC device. The new 20nm device can fit an astounding 1Tb of storage into a chip the size of a human fingertip, as evidenced by the picture to your left. This amazing achievement is capable by using only 8 …

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