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Tech Reviews From Our Worldwide Affiliates for April 30, 2012

Have you ever done something outside of your comfort zone? Physically challenged yourself beyond what you believed your threshold to be? Well, there is a world wide challenge called the Warrior Dash. I know most of you challenge yourself, mentally, but physically?  This is a great challenge even for those who do not consider themselves physically fit.  So today’s highlight …

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Tech Reviews from our Affiliates for April 11, 2012

Top baby names for the first quarter of 2012 have been released.   Nice to see some ‘traditional names’. How does one come up with a baby name  these days?  How you do you look at your baby and decide you should be named ‘square’, (you get my drift).  There are people named fruits, articles, historical events, didn’t we used to call those ‘nicknames’. …

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Oscar Night With Reviews From Our Affiliates – February 26, 2012

Tonight is Hollywood’s big night!  Will you be watching the Oscar’s or surfing the net? The red carpet events are worth watching, looking to see who has the best dress, best hair, all the important things. Then of course there is the fact that Billy Crystal will be hosting. As for all the rest, who wins what and who they wish to thank, …

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The SSD Review Daily News – January 28, 2012

Welcome back!  If the speed in which we are seeing affiliate reviews arrive is any indication of whats in store for 2012, watch out! We have some amazing reviews below and will be completing some great SSD reviews this weekend so stay tuned! Continue to stop by and check out the new reviews, updates and maybe even jump into one …

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Welcome to our collection of news and reviews from around the web! If you are a technology website and would like us to post your hardware reviews, please contact us (top right) and leave a message. We would be glad to post a link to your news! CHASSIS Lian Li Mini-Q PC-Q25 – the perfect mini-ITX case for file servers …

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OCZ Z-Drive R4 C PCI Express 1.6TB SSD Review – OCZ Z-Drive R4 versus FUSION-IO ioDrive Duo

The OCZ Z-Drive R4 PCI Express SSD contains eight SandForce SF-2281 processors, 128 pieces of NAND flash memory and a Superscale Storage Controller. If ever a MONSTER storage device was created, the R4 definitely answers that call. In fact, a simple review just doesn’t seem appropriate for the OCZ Z-Drive R4 (Z-R4).  Let’s throw it in the ring against FUSION-IO’s …

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