The RAIDon HyBrid RunneR Review

As SSD technology continues to radically change the storage landscape, hybrid devices of many varieties are popping up left and right. Today, we are going to look at a device called the RAIDon HyBrid RunneR which is a blend of both HDD, and SSD. Primarily aimed at the user-on-the-go, the RunneR is a very interesting device that allows for data …

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Viking Modular 25GB SLC SATADIMM SSD Review

Every now and then something comes around that is particularly eye catching and the world of SSDs  is no different. The Viking Modular SATADIMM is just one of those things and we thought we might venture outside the box just a bit and put a 25GB SLC version of the SATADIMM to the test.  It can be described as a …

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