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Asura Genesis Xtreme 1TB NVME SSD Review – Engineering Sample


In the last bit, we have now reviewed three SSDs with the newest Phison PS5012-E12 controller and have one more in the Queue, the WD-Black 1TB NVMe SSD.  These SSDs literally go head to head with the newest SMI SM2262 controlled SSDs and we have two in the queue to be reviewed with that controller, the ADATA SX8200 and the Mushkin Helix.  The reason we mention these two controllers is because it is rivalries like this that see new third-party SSD companies forming, established third-party SSD companies introducing new storage and lower pricing hitting the consumer.

Performance wise, the Asura Genesis Xtreme has alot going for it we think.  For starters, the name is rather appealing.  The SSD has great performance of over 3GB/s and definitely over 500K IOPS which is what we normally see for premium SSDs. The feature of this SSD that we think might make this a great retail seller if it gets released is the exterior LED heatsink.  They state flat-out that the heatsink can be removed and we validated that.  We have to admit… it looks very good in the machine:

Hopefully…we mighty hope to see Asura Genesis Xtreme available to consumers soon enough.

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