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Intel 750 PCIe SSD Review (400GB)

The Intel 750 is the first NVMe SSD released into the consumer market. It offers users some pretty killer performance at a price point that is roughly twice that of top performing SATA SSDs. Back in April we were able to review the 1.2TB model. After seeing the results we were quite impressed, however, at over $1,000 the 1.2TB model …

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SSD of the Week – SanDisk Extreme Pro

In our last two SSDs of the Weeks we had some insane value dollar/GB. This week however, we have a different type of value with the SanDisk Extreme Pro released a year ago. The Extreme Pro’s value lies in its performance and warranty. Even after a year on the market it still stands as one of the most consistent SATA …

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Silicon Motion Announces SM2256 SSD Controller Now Supports Micron’s Latest 16nm TLC NAND –Computex 2015 Update

Silicon Motion Technology Corporation, a world-leading producer of NAND flash controllers for solid state storage devices (SSDs), is announcing that its SM2256 client SSD controller now supports Micron’s latest 16nm TLC NAND. This enables solid state drive producers to create TLC-based SSDs that are high-performance, feature unprecedented reliability, and are cost-effective. Silicon Motion’s SM2256 is the best-performing, cost-optimized four-channel SATA …

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Micron Announces 16nm TLC NAND For Consumer Applications – Computex 2015 Update

Micron Technology, a world-leading producer of NAND flash memory, is announcing the latest addition to its flash storage lineup – 16nm TLC NAND designed for use in cost-sensitive consumer products such as USB flash drives, media cards and consumer solid state drives (SSDs). This newest TLC NAND being built on Micron’s 16nm process provides an excellent balance of capacity, performance …

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SanDisk Announces CloudSpeed Eco GenII 2TB SATA SSD For Cloud Services — Computex 2015 Update

SanDisk Corporation, a world-leading producer of flash storage devices, is announcing its new CloudSpeed Eco GenII SATA SSD, designed specifically for cloud service providers, in capacities up to 2TB.  Utilizing 15nm NAND flash memory, SanDisk’s new CloudSpeed Eco GenII SSD provides more storage density with 3X the streaming bandwidth as compared to hard disk drives (HDDs).  Geared as a drop-in …

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Crucial Announces New Version of Storage Executive SSD Software Tool – Computex 2015 Update

Crucial, a world-leading provider of memory and storage devices, is announcing significant updates to its SSD “toolbox” called Storage Executive. The newest version (3.20) adds Momentum Cache, which is an intelligent caching feature that is able to improve burst performance by up to 10X, also extending an SSDs lifespan by reducing redundant write operations. Momentum Cache utilizes idle RAM for …

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