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Samsung 840 Pro SSDs now RAPID Compatible and Benched at 1GB/s Speeds – Samsung Magician Free Download

On release of the Samsung 840 EVO SSD earlier this year, Samsung introduced a new ‘caching’ technology called RAPID Mode, a technology that could increase Samsung EVO SSD transfer speeds up to 1.2GB/s with absolutely AMAZING low 4K random write speeds as well.  RAPID Mode could be enabled through the free download of Samsung’s SSD Magician and the initial release …

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TSSDR Affiliate Post for May 8, 2013

Today is a day that a lot of us will take a second look at our neighbors. Do we know them, have we ever really known them? With all the technology that is available, it is hard to believe that such events can take place undetected for so long. Thankfully, this one has a happy ending. HIGHLIGHT REVIEW Samsung 840 Pro 256 SSD @ …

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TSSDR Affiliate Reviews for April 8, 2013

The thunderstorms have begun. So while it’s raining outside,  maybe it’s snowing or just cold where you are, here is something to occupy your time.  Today’s compilation of affiliate reviews is sure to keep you reading till the bad weather passes. HIGHLIGHT REVIEW Sapphire Edge Mini PC HD4 Video Review | Lauren – TastyPC @ HardwareHeaven Lauren from TastyPC.tv today takes …

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Affiliate Tech Reviews for September 29, 2012

Don’t you just love surprises! I know I certainly do, only the good ones of course,  this week has been full of them. If you haven’t been following our forums, make sure to check them out again on Sunday, when we begin our next give away. You too may be surprised. HIGHLIGHT REVIEW In mid-2011, AMD released their first generation …

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