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TSSDR Affiliate Reviews for April 13, 2013

These cold spring days here in Ontario are giving us a lot of time to spend on the computer. I am sure that there are many new participants in the gaming world these past few months.  If you are not into playing computer games, maybe you need to upgrade your technology. Here are some of the latest reviews from our Affiliates …

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TSSDR Affiliate Reviews for April 8, 2013

The thunderstorms have begun. So while it’s raining outside,  maybe it’s snowing or just cold where you are, here is something to occupy your time.  Today’s compilation of affiliate reviews is sure to keep you reading till the bad weather passes. HIGHLIGHT REVIEW Sapphire Edge Mini PC HD4 Video Review | Lauren – TastyPC @ HardwareHeaven Lauren from TastyPC.tv today takes …

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TSSDR Affiliate Reviews for March 21, 2013

The opportunity has arisen for me to attend The Price is Right Life Show in Hamilton, Ontario. How awesome is that!  While the games are the same, these shows are not televised, nor hosted by Drew Carey, but still how many people can say they attended? What if  my friend or I  actually get called to ‘come on down’ and …

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TSSDR Affiliate Tech Reviews for March 18, 2013

Here we go…a fresh week,  a fresh outlook and fresh reviews from our Affiliate Review Sites.  It’s amazing how we can run out of time before we run out of things to do.  Life becomes so busy that we have to reset priorities and somethings get set back.  Ultimately, it is important that when things are brought to your attention that …

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Cooler Master Storm Xornet – Arming the Budget Gamer

The peripheral market is filled with tons of different products, but rarely do you find one that fits everyones needs perfectly. Perhaps the pickiest of all of them is the mouse, or more precisely, the gaming mouse. There is never just one mouse that takes the cake, simply due to the fact that the nature of such devices is based …

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Mad Catz Call of Duty: Black Ops Stealth Mouse @ Benchmark Reviews

Human input devices (especially the mouse) are very much akin to musical instruments. They are both designed to take the coordinated movements of human hands and transduce them into a predictable yet marvelous output. For instruments the output are sound waves, but on a computer the output can be any imaginable manipulation of a virtual world. In both cases the …

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