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ADATA Displays 2TB SSD & New SF3700 ‘Griffin’ Notebook SSD – CES Las Vegas 2014 Update

Anyone who knows me can speak thoroughly on my innate ability to state the wrong thing at the wrong time.  Our afternoon visit to ADATA provided just an example.  Having earlier visited Avant/Mushkin, we were aware that there would be no groundbreaking news, or updated performance results, on the much awaited for LSI SandForce SF3700 controller, Codenamed Griffin.  Hoping sometime …

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Samsung Displays Series 9 UltraBook Containing 1GB/s Speed PCIe M.2 SSD – Pepcom Las Vegas 2014 Update

I had almost thought I might never see it and truly can’t stand by what might happen down the road, but Samsung had their ‘pre-production’ Series 9 ultrabook on display at Pepcom with it’s own Samsung XP941 PCIe M.2 SSD, performing at 1GB/s.  To those not familiar with Samsung, they value their business relationships dearly and the XP941 PCIe SSD …

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Girls Of CES Las Vegas 2013

Posting some of the gorgeous representatives of the companies present at CES sometimes runs with some constructive criticism, but the resulting overwhelming traffic can only lead us to believe that it is appreciated.  In fact last year, several of the subjects wrote us asking for high res copies! In consideration of such, we thought we might post a few photos …

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Showstoppers Never Ceases To Amaze – CES 2012 Post Update

Its an amazing opportunity to be chosen amongst the few to view and, in some cases, test out the upcoming products of the future. This ‘invite only’ event was held at the exquisite Wynn Hotel and is Showstoppers, hosting approximately 300 press reporters from around the globe. Some of these products have been available for a short time, while others …

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PQI Continues SSD Expansion – CES 2012 Update

We stopped by the PQI booth today to see the new developments that are headed our way this year. PQI wisely sees the emerging mSATA market as a great place to expand, and has plans for a 256 GB SSD in the future. With a great mix of both consumer and enterprise drives, PQI is continuing solid growth into the …

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