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One of our favorite activities is the inevitability of a new PC build when a new SSD form factor is introduced.  It’s the reason to dig in and try to build a system that’s unique and, if the enjoyment we had with this MPCIe Test Bench is any indication of success, we have succeeded in our goal.  InWin, Corsair, Crucial, …

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Just How Far Will SSD prices Drop?

For many models of solid state drives, the last two years has been turbulant with certain models dropping from $3/GB to less than $1/GB.  A quick look at e-tailers, even today, shows quality brand name SSDs as low as the 80-90 cents/GB range.  The Crucial M4 256GB SSD has even been seen on sale as low as 67 cents/GB!  According …

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Kingston Data Traveler Workspace Windows To Go Flash Drive Review

The Kingston DT Workspace USB 3.0 Flash Drive is a ‘LSI SandForce Driven’ SSD that can start it’s own OS on any computer, compliments of the new Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise Windows to Go (WTG) environment. As of today, technology has taken us to a place where it simply isn’t necessary to be stuck to a single system, or lug …

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