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Tech Promos @ CES-Impersonators or Booth Babes

About a week or so before CES, a female colleague described the CES experience to me when, admittedly, I first heard the term booth babes.  She had made the statement, You will like the sights as booth babes are back this year and, as I had never been to CES prior, I was a bit confused. Having only spoken with …

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OCZ Opens The SSD Vault At The Aria During CES

OCZ opened the vault to The SSD Review during CES and spared no expense to make sure their goal was clear. They mean business. Not only were they one of the few oems to showcase the anticipated SandForce SF-2000 series line, but also, their innovation was obvious through technology demos of the IBIS Optical HDSL with a transfer speed of a whopping …

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Samsung 470 Series SSD Review Revisited & RAID Tested!

A short time ago, The SSD Review published a review of the Samsung 256GB 470 Series SSD after discovering what an excellent entry this was into the consumer SSD market with availability in many online retail outlets. We were initially a bit hesitant and confused because the SSD appeared to be one of the top drives available yet information and …

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