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ADATA Announces SSD Toolbox Software

ADATA Technology, a global provider of flash storage and memory products, is announcing the release of their own proprietary SSD Toolbox software for monitoring status and performance of ADATA solid state drives (SSDs).  The ADATA SSD Toolbox enables users to easily and quickly configure, optimize, and monitor the overall health of their ADATA solid state drive.  ADATA now joins a …

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ADATA Displays 2TB SSD & New SF3700 ‘Griffin’ Notebook SSD – CES Las Vegas 2014 Update

Anyone who knows me can speak thoroughly on my innate ability to state the wrong thing at the wrong time.  Our afternoon visit to ADATA provided just an example.  Having earlier visited Avant/Mushkin, we were aware that there would be no groundbreaking news, or updated performance results, on the much awaited for LSI SandForce SF3700 controller, Codenamed Griffin.  Hoping sometime …

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Understanding M.2 NGFF SSD Standardization (Or The Lack Of)

So I am a few thousand miles above beautiful California and the 2013 LSI Accelerating Innovations Summit. I can’t help but reflect on the confusion that still exists concerning the standardization of M.2 SSDs, regardless of how many times we try to explain this in our reports (1, 2, 3).  If you are confused and not an industry professional, don’t …

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LSI SandForce SF3700 Flash SSD Controller Questions Answered – LSI AIS 2013 Update

CODENAME GRIFFIN Since our discovery of the next gen LSI SandForce flash controller at Computex earlier this year, it has been the talk of the storage world.  Codenamed Griffin, ADATA displayed both enterprise and M.2 ultrabook SSD prototypes of the controller at their event display without mention or word to anyone, almost daring the storage world to take note.  It …

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ADATA DashDrive Elite SE720 128GB External SSD Review – Excellent Build and Performance With an Amazing Price

ADATA recently announced availability of their new DashDrive Elite SE720 External SSD and sent one along to us for analysis.  Without stealing the thunder of this entire report, the SE720 is ultrathin, extremely well-built, has LSI SandForce speeds and we were floored at the Amazon pricing we found that brought this external SSD below that of many similar bare 128GB …

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Adata Announces SE720 DashDrive Elite Ultra-Thin External SSD

Adata Technology, a leading producer of NAND Flash products and high-performance DRAM modules, is announcing a new wafer-thin external solid state drive (SSD), featuring a SuperSpeed USB connection.  Adata has dubbed it the DashDrive Elite SE720, combining Adata’s proven NAND Flash storage with the slim stainless steel chassis of their award-winning DashDrive Elite HE720 portable hard drive. SSDs are superior …

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ADATA Announces Premier Pro SP310 mSATA SSD As Economical Storage Upgrade Path

ADATA Technology, a global producer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash storage devices, is announcing the launch of their new Premier Pro SP310 mSATA solid state drive (SSD).  Geared toward users who are seeking a more economical means to upgrade to SATAIII (6 Gb/s) specifications, the SP310 can also be used as a caching SSD paired with a traditional HDD via its support for Intel …

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