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Tech Reviews from our Affiliates for April 11, 2012

Top baby names for the first quarter of 2012 have been released.   Nice to see some ‘traditional names’. How does one come up with a baby name  these days?  How you do you look at your baby and decide you should be named ‘square’, (you get my drift).  There are people named fruits, articles, historical events, didn’t we used to call those ‘nicknames’. …

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Our Tech Partner Reviews For a Rainy Thursday

Checking out the reviews posted by our affiliates today, graphics cards were the hot topic. This lead me to think about coloring and crayons and I know one may think there isn’t a connection, but really. isn’t this somehow related to the graphics revolution? I looked into the history of Crayola and did you know the ‘Crayola’ name comes from …

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Samsung Toshiba LG Ultrabook Shootout – CES 2012 Post Update

There seems to be no doubt in anyone’s mind that 2012 is going to be the year of the ultrabook and CES 2012 Las Vegas was front and center with just about every ultrabook available, or soon to be, this past week. Today’s report will examine three forerunners that appear to be in a position, above all others at this …

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First-Generation Seagate Momentus XT For a Low Low $89

Waiting until Christmas, or Boxing Day for a hard-drive bargain? The folks over at Seagate bring it to you two weeks early. The first-generation Momentus XT is on a massive $50 discount via Newegg using the promo code EMCJHJE23 during checkout, with an additional $10 instant discount, for a grand total of $89.99! Seagate recently released the second-generation Momentus XT  …

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