Silicon Power Marvel M70 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128GB) Review

Rarely does one find them self searching through shelves at a store trying to find the best USB flash drive. You have one goal and your focused on that: capacity. Things like looks and speed are sure to follow. What would you say if we told you that you could have all of that and more? How about a USB flash drive with  incredible capacity, quick speeds, gorgeous looks and has a decent price tag to boot? Nope, were not joking … welcome the newest gadget to be added to your holiday wish list! Silicon Power Marvel M70 USB 3.0 Flash Drive, at a whopping 128 GB capacity!

Silicon Power Marvel M70-2


The Marvel M70 USB 3.0 Flash Drive has a zinc alloy casing, a feel that you will notice immediately. Unlike other USB drives, this flash drive feels solid and has a luxurious look about it! Silicon Power has positioned this drive to be ergonomic, with easy use with one hand. This is referring to the retractable USB connection that limits the extent of dirt and debris that could get mixed up with the drive.

Silicon Power Marvel M70-5

The Marvel M70 Flash Drive is available in three capacities: 32, 64 and 128 GB. According to Amazon, these drives are priced at $18.99, $31.99 and $54.99, respectively. On top of that, with each drive you get Silicon Power’s lifetime warranty!

Silicon Power Marvel M70-4

Today we are reviewing the 128GB capacity Marvel m70, which Silicon Power has listed the top speeds of 240 MB/s for read and 80 MB/s for write. The 64 GB is capable of the same write speeds, but drops down 10 points to 230 MB/s for read. The 32 GB has read speeds of up to 200 MB/s and write speeds of up to 40 MB/s.

Silicon Power Marvel M70-1

Additionally, the Silicon Power Marvel M70 is backwards compatible to USB 2.0. This means that if your USB port on your computer is not blue in colour, then you can still use the drive. You will just receive that annoying notification from Windows letting you know that the drive can perform faster in a USB 3.0 port. If your computer is not equipped with the latest USB technology, then we encourage you to have a look at our report of the HighPoint 4-Port HBA. This PCIe expansion card easily allows you to add four additional USB ports to your system, as well as the addition of USB 3.0 technology.


When you purchase the drive, you also get access to a free download of the SP Widget, which provides you with seven bake-up and security functions. You also get access to Recuva File Recovery, which lets you try to recover those lost, deleted files.

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i have this flash memory
coteroller is phison ps2251-03
flash nand is toshiba mlc
and this flash is very good

Benjamin Hojnik
Benjamin Hojnik

Thanks for that. Can you check if flash is TLC or MLC ?

Pro tip:
You guys at tssr should use chipgenius for every flash product you review. It gives out controller and flash information, which is always a nice thing to know 🙂


this flash memory speed is between 60 untill 70 mbps so TLC can not give this speed by ps2251-03 and ithink for usb memory conteroller phison and siliconmotion and etron is better than another conteroller

Benjamin Hojnik
Benjamin Hojnik

Sure it can. Actually, 60–70MB/s is pretty low for 128GB MLC.

You can always check with chipgenius to be sure.

alireza alizadeh
alireza alizadeh

oh yes this softwar is very good

this is finaly result

Chip Vendor: Phison

Chip Part-Number: PS2251-03(PS2303) – F/W 01.12.10 [2014-08-26]

Flash ID Code: 8984643C – Intel [MLC]

Rob C

One reason to choose write speed over capacity (and flashy looks) is that a 16MB Drive with very fast write speeds will hold an entire Operating System (like a ‘Rescue Disk’, BackTrack, or even a Linux Server). For Photos you may want a huge capacity, for video you certainly will. If you want to use the Drive as an Operating System’s Boot Drive (or even to run a Program installed on the Drive, that writes to the Drive) then write speed is your friend (what you seek). The Drives with the high cost (and write speed) are RAID Drives (and… Read more »