Samsung 860 Pro SSD Review (4TB) – So Much Storage


It doesn’t seem so long ago that I remember discussions with Samsung where sales were the bottom line and they didn’t seem too interested in marketing niche products, as the Samsung 860 Pro 4TB SSD definitely is. Those conversations were actually during the introduction of Samsung’ XP941 M.2 PCIe SSD several years back, and our point of contention was why they weren’t introducing it to the consumer side as well, as the XP941 was a client drive only.

Samsung seems to have settled into being the biggest and best rather well throughout the years.  But let’s face it, not everyone will be running out this morning and racing to buy a SATA 3 SSD for $1899.  It is niche and will be of more value to those with a NAS or even certain workstation applications.  Seeing any single form factor 4TB SSD being released to the consumer does say one thing though.  SSDs have come along way.  They have gotten bigger, are more powerful, last longer and, considering price per gigabyte, they are so much cheaper now.

Looking specifically at the 4TB version of the Samsung 860 Pro that we have tested today, it is probably the strongest performing SATA SSD to date with over 560MB/s read and 530MB/s write performance and just under 100K IOPS.  Although it is available in the 4TB capacity, Samsung has also made available all standard storage sizes below that as well.  Its warranty is five years which demonstrates, not only their confidence in their product but also, their confidence in their latest generation 64-layer 2bit MLC NAND memory.  Would we have complete trust in this SSD?  Absolutely.

As much as I love seeing true to form examples of SSD tech growth,  I simply have to be amazed thinking that, if they wanted to, Samsung could make this an 8TB SSD and still maintain that 2.5″ ultra-thin 1/4″ thick notebook form factor.   As with most Samsung products that maintain a very high quality, the Samsung 860 Pro SSD garnishes our Editor’s Choice.

Check Samsung 860 Pro 4TB SSD pricing at Amazon.

Samsung 860 Pro SSD Review

Product Build and construction
SATA 3 Performance
5-Year Warranty
Pricing and Availability

Incredible 4TB!

Samsunk has stepped up to bat yet again with their latest 2-bit V-NAND and the 860 Pro with a 4TB high capacity. With rock solid performance, Samsung has also displayed product confidence in pricing and a new 5 year warranty.

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“Its warranty is five years which demonstrates, not only their confidence in their product but also, their confidence in their latest generation 64-layer 2bit MLC NAND memory.”

850 PRO has 10 years warranty. Nothing impressive.

Kacey Hemway

I still think the MX500 1TB is an insane deal for %98 for people.


Extensive and detailed review as always !
Are you going to leave the Pro in it’s loneliness ? Or is the Evo review in the works ?


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