SanDisk Extreme 240GB SATA 3 SSD Review – Equal 4k Read/Write IOPS Performance Observed


We started this report with a bit of a discussion regarding the unique position that SanDisk holds with respect to pricing and their ability to reduce the ‘line in the sand’ further.  If this drive can prove to be a ‘top performer’ and is priced right, it just might be a bit of an indication of things to come.  At the time of the report, we checked out the pricing of the 240GB version of the SanDisk Extreme and are happy to say that it was only ten dollars higher than the lowest priced SSD of the same caliber.  This is very unusual for a new release as the Extreme is.

Performance of the SanDisk Extreme was a bit unexpected as it maintained the superior results that are typical of ‘SandForce Driven’ SSDs, however, it went a step further with the equally strong IOPS results for both read and write testing which is not typical of any SSDs that I can think of off hand.  This is a definite strength.

Another positive of the SanDisk Extreme is that it uses SanDisks own 24nm NAND flash memory which now sits them with others to include Intel, Micron, and Samsung.

It’s performance is competitive with the best and the question might now be raised as to whether SanDisk will make their memory available to other SSD manufacturers as the others do.  This would be a good thing.


The SanDisk Extreme 240GB SATA 3 SSD is a definite recommendation as it’s introductory price is as good to see as it’s performance.  In fact, the entry of the Extreme into the market is very encouraging as it might be a sign of lower prices to come.

If there were to be any recommendations for SanDisk execs, I might suggest a five year warranty vice three, a desktop adapter bracket, and I have to admit that I think a migration kit would have been a no brainer for this SSD, especially because of it’s low price.

Congratulations to SanDisk as this SSD has earned our Editors Choice!

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